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The Mathematical Challenge:


The Future

A great number of digital use cases across all industrial, scientific and government applications hit a brick wall once they hit large scale.

Due to the exponentially large number of possible combinations, traditional computing is limited when searching for the best combination among a large number of variables. It’s often impossible to test all options and results are not truly reliable.


Mathematicians call this class of problems “NP-Hard” or “NP-Complete” and they are legendarily tricky to solve – especially at scale.


Each additional data point makes the problem 10x harder. Modern computers simply have no way around this. This is known as "Intractability."

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Solution-centered design

That’s where our technology comes in: InfinityQ’s Quantum Alternative solutions solve problems by directly converging toward the optimal solution. 

Our high performance and highly parallelized solution is based on an “Ising Machine” approach – a Quantum-Inspired computing paradigm using digital modelling of the behaviour of sub-atomic particles to create a computing system that performs nearly all the functions of a “pure” quantum computer but with the following advantages...

Our technology is what you’ve been waiting for: 
Simple solutions to impossible problems.

 Higher accuracy

Lower cost

 More robust & stable

Lower energy use

Smaller size

More flexible

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