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Simple Solutions
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Quantum-Inspired Solutions for
Business Performance Optimization

Our proprietary cutting-edge quantum-inspired solution helps leaders to solve impossibly complex business performance optimization problems. 

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As companies urgently seek more efficient ways to drive revenues and create opportunities, traditional computing techniques are limited in their ability to process an increasingly large amount of information at super-high speeds across a range of applications – from logistics to gaming to cybersecurity. 

How can we help resolve your complex business performance optimization problems? Our team of experts takes time to properly understand your challenges and develop a customized solution to fit your needs. And our unique technology makes it possible to directly converge towards the optimal solution.

Limitless possibilities

Our proprietary Ising machine is fast and easy to use compared to other current quantum-inspired technologies, creating limitless possibilities.






Highly efficient and easily scalable, our tech leverages the recent understanding that p-bits (probabilistic bits) can beat traditional digital processing.

We use off-the-shelf programmable FPGA chips to reduce costs, and our reconfigurable hardware adds flexibility and agility. 

(Bespoke ASIC chip technology will follow at a later date.)

Our tech can be integrated into existing systems with minimal disruption, with the option to include cloud access or a bespoke chip product in the future.

Our tech runs on low energy consumption, helping reduce your operating expenses, energy output and carbon footprint.

About Us

Our Motto: Let’s Make the Impossible Possible 

The main thing you need to know about us is: we never, ever give up. Every day, we’re determined to solve our clients’ complex efficiency problems and constantly improve our algorithm’s performance. 

Our team includes inventors, computer scientists & engineers, mathematicians, hardware specialists and software developers. Together, they all strive to make the impossible possible. And when they need a hand, they can count on an army of expert advisors in gaming, logistics, national security and quantum technology.

Our purpose is to create tools and solutions that help make the world more efficient, more secure and more creative. 

No matter your industry, we can help! From logistics to gaming, our team of experts is there for you.


If you have a business optimization problem to solve, let's talk!


If you’re interested in investing in us, let’s explore. 

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