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Real-world solutions

Optimization for Logistics | Life Sciences & beyond...

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Optimization delivers
real-world solutions for
you today

As businesses and governments urgently seek more efficient ways to drive growth, revenues and create opportunities, traditional computing techniques are limited in their ability to process an increasingly large amount of information at maximum speeds across a range of applications.


Simply put – modern computers are not yet able to solve the complex challenges we face today because, mathematically, the problems become unsolvable at scale.


For the past decade the world has looked to quantum technology to make the next great leap forward but, while the science is exciting, practical advances in real-world problem solving have been harder to find – until now.


Discover a world of InfinityQ solutions


& Logistics

Network Optimization

& Schedules.

Complex Global Intermodal Networks.

Last Mile Delivery.

Supply Chain Optimization.

Health Care &

Life Sciences

Protein & RNA folding.

Drug Discovery.

Scheduling & Logistics.


Grid Optimization.


Pricing & Logistics.


Portfolio Optimization.


Risk Management.

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InfinityQ promise

We build simple solutions to your impossible problems.

InfinityQ product

Quantum-Inspired solutions built to solve your impossibly complex performance optimization challenges.

InfinityQ service

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your challenges and develop a customized solution to fit your needs. Our unique technology makes it possible to directly converge towards the optimal solution.

“InfinityQ is innovating the field of Ising Machines with a hardware/software approach that can leverage FPGAs and GPUs to deliver solutions to large-scale complex optimization problems.”


USRA Fellow - Senior Scientist NASA Academics Mission Service

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InfinityQ can solve your
complex problems today

Our Quantum-Inspired Optimization technology outstrips classical computers for speed and surpasses existing pure-quantum technologies for accuracy, efficiency, energy use and cost.

From logistics to finance to pharma and beyond, infinityQ’s solutions can solve your complex performance optimization problems.

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Discover the benefits of InfinityQ solutions


Highly efficient, accurate & easily scalable. 

Exponentially faster than traditional digital processing.


Our reconfigurable hardware adds flexibility and agility and can be designed to fit your needs precisely.


We integrate into existing systems with minimal disruption, with the option to include cloud access or a bespoke chip product in the future.


Our tech runs on low energy consumption, reducing your operating expenses, energy output and carbon footprint.

In the Press

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Discover how we can solve your optimization challenges,
increase your competitiveness and drive your profitability

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