simple solutions to
impossible problems

in a nutshell

01 / cloud accessible
02 / a new paradigm
03 / working together

We built, infinityQube, a cloud native platform and quantum analog-computing technology that can run any coding language, any problem-- up to 100,000x faster than an average laptop, with the same energy consumption as a lightbulb.

Our first-generation machines can already shoulder the heavy lifting of complex optimization problems, linear system and FFT calculations.


infinityQ is bringing the promise that quantum makes for the future as an advantage to the market today.

We develop applications, currently accessible by invitation via our cloud, to solve our partners' most challenging business problems.


Our dedicated hardware and applications work together with both the clients' current and planned IT infrastructure.

on-prem integration coming soon.

Most people think what we achieve is impossible with today's technology.


But, hey, women handle impossible every day...


meet infinityQ


use quantum analog technology to leave the world a little better than how we found it


use disruptive computing technology to solve what has to date been impossible and through it drive positive change


power in diversity, respect for all

dedication & results-driven

fun & teamwork are essential

innovation drives excellence

Female founded, led, and engineered.

Proudly based in Montreal.


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Aurelie Helouis

CEO & co-founder

614 Rue St Jacques, Suite 150

Montreal, QC, H3C 1E2  

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