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Quantum with non-quantum hardware, a new frontier
May 26, 2021 14:30 ET | Source: ZDNet

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Sofia TechPark to collaborate with the Canadian quantum-analog company infinityQ Technology, Inc.

May 13, 2021 12:00 ET | Source: Sofia TechPark

(translated) With Sofia TechPark as the lead partner, the consortium Petascale Supercomputer-Bulgaria and the Canadian quantum-analog company, infinityQ have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MoC) in the field of testing, development and application of quantum technologies with Discoverer.


The online ceremony was attended by the Minister of Economy of Canada, Lucy Lecour; CEO of infinityQ, Aurelie Helouis; Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Sofia Tech Park, Petar Statev; Deputy Chairman of the National Council, Kostadin Petkov; CEO of Sofia TechPark, Todor Mladenov; and the Bulgarian representative in EuroHPC, Prof. Ivan Dimov.


The agreement provides a quantum-analog computing module based on infinityQ's technology to be installed at the Bulgarian Discoverer Petascale supercomputer, which is positioned in Sofia Tech Park. The aim is to give Bulgarian and European scientists access to the quantum-analog module to perform scientific calculations in areas such as molecular dynamics, physics, engineering problems and many more.


The addition of such state-of-the-art quantum technology to the Bulgarian supercomputer is the next step in upgrading the HPC's computing power and further developing the both technologies used, thus ensuring the machine's modernisation.


infinityQ is a leading quantum-analog computing technology company that has developed the world's first CMOS-compatible quantum-analog optimization chip architecture. The computational device has the potential to deliver 100,000 times faster computing power at a low power consumption. The technology is based on both hardware and operating software and is designed to work as part of a wider classical computing system - whether in a micro, mini or supercomputer. infinityQ's mission is to solve the world's pressing computing problems with affordable quantum technology.


Minister Lucy Lecour said she was supportive of the partnership between the two companies to advance innovation, technology and people potential. Ms. Aurelie Helouis pointed out that the addition of quantum-analog technology to the supercomputer will increase its computing power using advanced and innovative technology. 

Petar Stattev commented that this is the first of a series of steps Sofia Tech Park is taking to upgrade the technology used Discoverer, which will lead to an increase in the competitiveness of the Bulgarian machine, currently in the Top Global 500. Prof. Dimov said that the partnership is in the context of Bulgaria's policy regarding the development of the country's research potential and will support a number of scientific and industrial developments that are based on the use of high-performance computing.


The Bulgarian Petascale Supercomputer, Discoverer is part of the European network of high-performance machines in EuroHPC's joint undertaking. It is one of 5 Petascale supercomputers aiming to upgrade Europe's computing power.


The application of the Bulgarian consortium "Petascale Supercomputer - Bulgaria" was approved through a procedure of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, through which 8 European locations were selected.


The Bulgarian Petascale machine is built in ATOS' BullSequana XH2000 configuration.  The computing power will allow more than 4.4 petaflops, or 4.4 million billion calculations per second, to be performed. When integrated into the EuroHPC network, it will reach a peak computing performance of around 6 petaflops. The machine has now been delivered and installed at Sofia Tech Park, with tests underway. The supercomputer is expected to be commissioned in July 2021.


The main purpose of the supercomputer in Bulgaria is to support a range of research and innovation activities and to stimulate industry based on the use of simulation, modelling and optimisation technologies. The capacity of the machine can be used in many application areas for the needs of a large number of public and private users, including small and medium-sized enterprises in Bulgaria, at at the regional and European levels. The system will be optimized to work in multiple scientific fields, including bioinformatics, pharmaceutics, molecular dynamics and mechanics, quantum chemistry and biochemistry, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, bioengineering, weather forecasting, combating climate change, etc.


The supercomputer is funded by the budget of Bulgaria and the EuroHPC JU, with a total investment of €11.5 million. The capacity of the computer system in Bulgaria is complemented by 4 other Petascale supercomputers, part of the EuroHPC network, positioned in Luxembourg, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Portugal, as well as by 3 pre-exascale supercomputers in Finland, Italy and Spain.

infinityQube, the First Operational Quantum Analog Computer, Is Bringing Quantum Speed to Enterprise

Pioneering tech company infinityQ announced cloud access to its first-generation machine — intuitive, energy-efficient and computationally powerful — exploiting quantum effects to tackle real-world complex problems, unsuitable for classical computers

April 29, 2021 09:00 ET | Source: infinityQ Technology, Inc.


MONTREAL, April 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- infinityQ Technology, Inc., a women led, engineered and managed startup, today announced its groundbreaking computer, infinityQube. The Montréal-based startup has coined its approach “quantum analog computing,” introducing a novel paradigm in the quantum space. The device is compact, energy-efficient and operates at room temperature, relying on established chip technologies.

“We wanted to bring the computational power promised by quantum computing to the market today,” said Aurélie Hélouis, CEO and co-founder of infinityQ. “While quantum will eventually revolutionize computing, most experts agree that quantum devices will take another decade or more to mature. We, on the other hand, have developed a completely different approach — "quantum analog computing." It is analog in two ways — referring to analogies with atomic quantum systems as well as to analog electronics. In practice, this means infinityQ develops computational capabilities by using artificial atoms to exploit the superposition effect and achieve quantum computing capabilities without the error correction and cryogenics tax. This allows the company to utilize several times less energy than a typical CPU and that its machine's energy consumption is the same as a common light bulb.

Led by a former senior Navy officer, Aurélie Hélouis, and co-creator of both the Discoverer supercomputer and the infinityQube, Dr. Kapanova, infinityQ’s novel device is positioned to address some of the most challenging computational problems faced in enterprises, including finance, pharmaceutical, logistics, engineering, energy and more. While currently the company is focused on optimization problems, infinityQ is not limited to them.

As a demonstration of its capabilities, infinityQ used its hardware to solve the Traveling Salesperson Problem for 128 cities while other non-classical machines have solved 22 cities maximum.

"Our technology's additional advantages are two-fold. First, it can be integrated seamlessly into the existing HPC infrastructure," said Dr. Kapanova, CTO of infinityQ. "But moreover, our quantum-analog approach is ideal for the era of edge computing due to its room-temperature capability and low energy requirements."

With John Mullen, former Assistant Director of the CIA; Philippe Dollfus, Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS); and Michel Kurek, both former Global Head of Algo Factory and Quantitative Trading for Societe Generale, on its advisory board, infinityQ has raised over $1 million USD in seed funding to date and is currently working with leading financial institutions and pharmaceutical companies on proofs-of-concept as investor-clients. Access to infinityQ’s hardware technology is available today via the cloud on an invitation-only basis.

infinityQ will make its industry debut at the virtual IQT Conference on May 17-20, 2021.

About infinityQ

Quantum-analog device innovator, infinityQ is leading a paradigm shift: While the current generation of the technology already delivers computational speed-up of 100 to 1000 times depending on the problem, the next generation of the technology will be faster and significantly more energy-efficient. infinityQ aims to address some of the most complex computational optimization problems facing finance, pharmaceutical, logistics, engineering, oil and gas, and other industries. Access to infinityQ’s hardware technology is available today via the cloud on an invitation-only basis.

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