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infinityQ Receives Additional Financing to Commercialize Quantum Analog

Source: Quantum Computing Reporting


infinityQ Founder & CEO Aurelie Helouis on Female Entrepreneurial Success In Tech

Source: Forbes
Analytics Insight news.PNG
Source: Analytics Insight


Exclusive interaction with Aurelie Helouis, CEO, infinityQ

Priya Dialani speaks with Aurelie Helouis, CEO infinityQ, a leading quantum-analog device innovator to understand how quantum computing is set to be the game-changer for the entire world


Startup of the Week: infinityQ

The Innovator titles infinityQ with Startup of the Week due to the development of a full stack quantum analog technology that exploits certain quantum effects

Helouis, Aurelie.png
Source: The Innovator


Quantum with non-quantum hardware, a new frontier

the future is analog: startup infinityQ pushes novel quantum computer

Source: ZDNet
Sofia TechPark and infinityQ signing.PNG
Source: Sofia TechPark


Sofia TechPark to collaborate with the Canadian quantum-analog company infinityQ Technology Inc.

infinityQ to Cooperate with Sofia Tech Park to Install a Quantum-Analog Computing Module with the Discoverer Supercomputer

Sofia Tech Park, that aims to boost the development of research, innovation and technological capabilities of Bulgaria has reached an agreement with infinityQ.

Source: Quantum Computing Report


infinityQ Announces infinityQube, a Quantum Analog Computer

Montreal based infinityQ has announced it has developed a quantum analog computer that takes a different approach to leverage quantum effects

Source: Quantum Computing Report


Real-time Analytics News for Week Ending May 1

infinityQ Technology, Inc., a women-led startup, announced its computer, infinityQube.

Source: RT Insights


infinityQube Operational Quantum Analog Computer Is Bringing Quantum Speed to Enterprise

Source: Inside Quantum Technology


Startup claims new "quantum analog computer" solved the traveling salesman problem for 128 cities

Founder says the infinityQube operates at room temperature and can integrate with existing high-performance computers 

quantum computing.jpg
Source: TechRepublic


infinityQ Technology Says Quantum Analog Computing Approach Routs Other Computers at Traveling Salesman Problem

Source: The Quantum Daily


infinityQube Announces Room Temperature 'Quantum Analog Computing' Using Established Chip Technologies

Source: insideHPC
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