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Last Mile Delivery

Vehicle Fleet Dispatch and Routing

Client Service Routing

(maintenance, repair, control, medical care, commercial, etc.)

How we do it:


Last Mile Delivery

Can rapidly dispatch thousands of addresses

Can optimize routes that have hundreds of stops

Our computation takes minimum time:  only seconds or minutes etc.)

Our API Solution

The InfinityQ solution allows our clients to select
one or several criteria to optimize for:

• Reduced operational costs

• Efficient driving distance and time

• Minimum number of vehicles required

• And more

Your Challenge

What is the optimal set of routes for a fleet of vehicles to serve set of addresses?

The ideal solution requires optimizing these actions simultaneously:

• Picking packages in the most efficient manner

• Loading of cargo

• Calculating entire fleet dispatch

• Sequencing stops for each vehicle

• Real-time updates

The challenge is that it is extremely difficult to dispatch and sequence large amounts of addresses simultaneously, and zone-based solutions are not always optimal.

Your Benefits

• Maximized profitable routes

• Increased delivery capacity

• Reduced GHG emissions

• Fewer vehicles on the road

• More efficient driver shifts

• Quick adaptation to last minute requests

• No need to manually define zones

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