the future is quantum analog

Our first whitepaper introduces the new concept of quantum analog computing, developed by infinityQ Technology, to efficiently and effectively carry out computations. To this end, the nature of computation is considered, along with its physical realization by means of analog, digital or quantum devices. Based on those computing paradigms and their benefits, our new approach takes advantage of analogies with atomic quantum systems to build an artificial atom as a basic computational structure, without the need to use actual atoms or molecules (which are extremely sensitive to the external environment) to carry out quantum computations. Those artificial atoms are built by means of analog electronic devices, exploiting certain quantum computing capabilities. The quantum analog device, in turn, is able to tackle a variety of optimization problems, and due to its circuitry and the use of collective analog computing to efficiently explore the space of possible solutions. The paper is structured as follows. First, an exploration of analog computing is presented, followed by a brief introduction to several quantum computing approaches. We then follow with elucidation of the active field of classical-quantum analogies, utilizing classical devices to study a variety of quantum phenomena. Then, the quantum analog approach is described and the results from two benchmark problems are presented.

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