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female founded, led and engineered

infinityQ Technology Inc. has developed the world's first quantum analog computer. Proudly based in Montreal.



use disruptive computing technology to solve what has been impossible

and drive positive change


We believe the true purpose of a computational device is to advance human understanding. infinityQ strives to build resilient technology that gives computational power to the places and people that need it most. We strive to deliver solutions that will leave the world better than how we found it.

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the possibilities are endless,
the time to make them a reality is now


 our values 


We are all humans, with our own superpowers and Achilles' heels; we honor all of it here at infinityQ.


Because together, we can make anything happen.


Our people are EVERYTHING.

We hold true to these pillars... 

power in diversity,

respect for all

authenticity & sincerity forge excellence

fun & teamwork

are essential

constructive feedback

drives superior results 

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in addition to tackling complex network analysis and bringing quantum analog technology to geographies with low power infrastructure, infinityQ technology aims to join forces with classical computing to bring much needed computational power to all

meet the team


Aurelie Helouis,

CEO & Founder

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McGill MBA - Strategy

Senior Officer - 16 yrs, French Navy

CTO & Engineer - Rafale

Engineer - Pratt & Whitney

Tech Transfer - Mila

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Aurelie Helouis

Aurelie has a multidisciplinary background in defense, technology and business. As a former French Naval Senior Officer (16 years) and head of several technology departments, she managed hundreds of military and civilian technicians in order to achieve a constant state of operational readiness and developed leadership skills, resilience and stress management.

A committed and hard worker, she enjoys managing complex projects and the challenge of working through difficult situations. She has a background in engineering, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence that allows her to understand technical problems. 

She discovered a passion for entrepreneurship during her MBA at McGill and launched start-ups, garnering knowledge and experience. 

She joined Mila, Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute in 2018, and launched infinityQ in 2020.

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Kristina Kapanova, PhD



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 PhD - Computer Science, BAS

HPC Designer - Discoverer

Assistant Professor - BAS

Research Fellow - Trinity College Dublin

CERN Fellow

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Dr. Kristina Kapanova

Kristina is part of the high-level group leading the HPC and the Quantum community in Europe. In 2019, she co-designed the new Petascale Supercomputer in Bulgaria, part of the EuroHPC Supercomputing infrastructure. She is an active participant in the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe and has worked as part of the Human Brain Project on extremely parallel and scalable algorithms for neural networks. 


She has participated in at least 3 EU funded projects, in artificial intelligence and polypharmacy side effect prediction, as well as projects for COVID-19 virus detection. 


Kristina received her PhD in computer science in 2017. She continues to regularly participate in scientific conferences.


She was a fellow of the World Federation of Scientists, CERN, Geneva, as well as a recipient of a Bulgaria President “John Atanasoff Award” in Computer Science. 

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board of directors

Ricardo Pascoe


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Aurelie Helouis,


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Matthew Gilpin,

M.A. (Oxon), Barrister

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Markus Kreipl,


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Kamilia Sofia,


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Toon Hong Wong,


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John Mullen,


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